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Our Mission & Vision

GCVSI Mission

The Mission of GCVSI is to take research-based health information, healthcare services, plus socio-economic support programs to the doorsteps of the aging and vulnerable population (pregnant women, children under five, and homeless people in communities amongst low-income families. We are conducting research aimed at redirecting government policies towards forgotten and abandoned existing realities while improving positive health-seeking behaviors of the underserved, utilizing the principle of Population Health Service (PHS) and Implementation Science in restoring social justice and strengthening human rights of all.

GCVSI Vision

To envisage a society of equal rights for all age groups hence promotes the eradication of all forms of marginalization and discriminations against Older Persons and the Vulnerable population (pregnant women, children under (five) 5 years, and victims of gender-based violence) through multi-level stakeholders engagements, multisectoral and interdisciplinary integration of policy frameworks, health promotion, capacity building training for the workforce, project implementation and coordinated advocacy geared towards changing the narratives.

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