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Workplan Goals & Commitment

Our Committed Goals

To act as a foremost nongovernmental organization enhancing the voices and protecting the dignity and rights of the underserved communities and vulnerable population (Older Persons, pregnant women, children under five years, and victims of Gender-based violence), through effective stakeholders engagement, Health, and social policy development, research, and project implementation which includes health promotion, disease prevention and citizens led actions. GCVSI’s core mission lies in making a case for health and social service disparities which are prominent than ever, following increasing inequalities in socio-economic status.

GCVSI is making significant cases and Advocacy while addressing the growing marginalization and discrimination between high-income and low-income families and different demographic populations. The burden of poor health and social outcomes continues to fall disproportionately on lower-income families and the most vulnerable populations (Older Persons, pregnant women, and children under (Five) 5 years and victims of gender-based violence).

The resulting social and economic insecurity is rapidly translating into an increasing gap between rich and poor within various communities in access to the necessary healthcare and social services and socio-economic opportunities to develop resilience in the face of any stress agents.

  • Greater equity in the health and social inclusion of Older Persons, pregnant women, and children Under (Five) 5 years in a given population;
  • Effective collaboration and partnerships to produce optimal and equitable health and social outcomes;
  • Improving accessible, evidence-based knowledge and practical experience in Health and social inclusion of the underserved population through health promotion, disease prevention, and direct provision of healthcare services as well as socio-economic empowerment;
  • Excellence in policy and practice for effective, quality health and social inclusion programs;
  • High-capacity levels in individuals, organizations and policymakers to undertake health and social inclusion activities.
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