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Our Goals and Advocacy

External Relations & Communications

To achieve our goal of closing the gaps and making the underserved voice heard while advocating for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) as enshrined in the United Nations Alma-Ata declaration of 1978 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, we plan to enhance our communication activities to improve the effectiveness of our communication strategies, strengthen our identity, and increase our visibility. At the basic level, we must raise awareness of GCVSI and its objectives to national, regional, and global partners. From a corporate perspective, we have developed our communication platforms to disseminate relevant documentation and ensure our communication is aligned with GCVSI strategies. We aim to improve the relevance, effectiveness, and reach of our healthcare and social inclusion advocacy activities and promote GCVS’s mission.  

We use a mixture of social media, reports, consultation responses, and empirical findings in our advocacy activities.

Developing effective partnerships is key to the achievement of GCVSI’s mission. In adopting a systematic approach to this, we plan to conduct a partnership mapping exercise across each of the strategic direction priority areas, following on from which we will:

  1. Produce a ‘mind map’ of existing and potential partners;
  2. Prioritize partnerships and relationships;
  3. Increase partnership with institutions and harness advantages from these entities concerning our objectives and Mission. It will be essential to translate these partnership opportunities into more tangible activity, and we aim to develop actions in six identified priority partnerships. The latter include the IFA, COADY International Institute, NCD Alliance, and WHO. Some specific activities are:
    • To manage the execution, maintenance, and reporting of GCVSI’s ‘official relations with the United Nations;
    • To develop closer ties and relate on joint development opportunities with International development partners;
    • To develop partnerships on the UHC and SDGs to improve social determinants of health: poverty alleviation – capacity building – Empowerment – medication access, medication supply, and quality healthcare services, including health promotions and diseases prevention strategies. We are already in the process of using social media to encourage communications on health and social inclusion, Universal Health Coverage (UHC) promotion from GCVSI’s perspective, and we will continue to do by encouraging the involvement of our members and the general public;
    • Events are one of the main ways GCVSI disseminates knowledge and promotes awareness of effective policy and best practice through GCVSI participation in conferences, outreaches, and other events.

Planned Conferences

These are the main events that we will be leading or be involved in over next year:

  1. The 2nd Annual Imo State Stakeholders Conference on Ageing will be held in Owerri, Imo State in 2021 (exact dates to be confirmed), prepared and hosted in collaboration with the Imo State Government of Nigeria;
  2. Annual 2021 Imo Women August meeting will be another platform to engage Older Women in Imo State;
  3. 2021 planned Outreach in Kwamba community in Loja Niger State will be harnessed to reach out to the vulnerable population;
  4. The 3rd Annual National Conference on Ageing 2021 organized by the Coalition of Societies for the Rights of Older Persons in Nigeria (COSROPIN);
  5. 15th Global Conference on Ageing on 10th – 12th November 2020 Organized by the International Federation on Aging (IFA) Niagara Fall Toronto Canada;
  6. 12th Session of the United Nations Opened Ended Working Group on Ageing to hold at the UN Headquarters in New York, USA;
  7. International Conference on Primary Healthcare to be held in Japan in April 2021.
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