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Consultancy Services

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Consultancy Services

GCVSI is privileged to have Professors and Doctoral scholars who are experts in the field of public health research and project development and are always available to provide technical services in that regard. GCVSI does consultancy for non-profit start-ups and other non-profit organizations. GCVSI Consulting services unit became operational as a fee-based service in 2019. We have established a team of consultants with a wide range of expertise and experience covering a range of content areas, including the following:

  • Research: Needs Assessments, Health Impact Assessment, Evaluation and literature reviews;
  • Program Implementation: Intervention Design, Planning, and Execution;
  • Health Promotion Communication: Campaign Target, Design, and Dissemination;
  • Policy: Analysis and Development, Capacity Building Training for NGOs, CBO, and CSOs;
  • Organizational Development: Management Systems; Work Structuring, Team Building, and Coaching.

Our rates are negotiable and depend on the project scope, number and type of consultants required, and project location or deployment model. 

Tel:  +14382290732 /+2348068244216

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