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At GCVSI, We Defend the Rights and Dignity of the Vulnerable Population


Healthcare and Social Services

Improving accessible evidence-based knowledge and practical experience in health and social inclusion of the underserved population through health promotion and education, disease prevention, and direct provision of health and social services including medications.


Health for All

Promoting “Health for All” policies approach irrespective of the socio-economic status, with emphasis on Older Adults, Homeless People, refugees, and victims of Gender-based violence.

Collaborative Efforts

Collaborative efforts in research and ‘Translating’ research and evidence into useable knowledge and knowing how for improving service delivery.

capacity building

Supporting the capacity building of the health workforce, policymakers, and other civil societies to produce a multi-dimensional approach.

aid services

Establish physical infrastructural facilities to aid services to the underserved population, especially the ageing population.

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Let's Join To Build A Better World Together

To envisage a society of equal rights for all age groups hence promoting the eradication of all forms of marginalization and discrimination against Older Persons and vulnerable populations (homeless people, refugees, and victims of gender-based violence) through multi-level stakeholder engagements, multisectoral and interdisciplinary integration of policy frameworks, health promotion, capacity building training for the workforce, project implementation and coordinated advocacy geared towards changing the narratives.

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Join GCVSI to improve clean drinking water in disadvantaged communities.

Capacity Building Program

Capacity building training and development of Community Health Workers (CHW)


Our Fundraising Campaigns

Access To Medication For Chronically Ill Older Persons In Disadvantaged Communities

Providing Food And Non-Food Distribution To The Homeless And Refugee

Access To Clean Drinking Water In Undeserved Communities


Be opportune to join GCVSI delegation

Being part of a global network of people and with common goals, which facilitates the exchange of ideas, information, and experiences on improving global living standards Can benefit from GCVSI financial aid in case of pressing and substantial medical conditions requiring huge amount with applicable to members living in developing countries of the world



To act as a foremost nongovernmental organization enhancing the voices and protecting the dignity and rights of the underserved communities and vulnerable population (Older Persons, pregnant women, children under five years, and victims of Gender-based violence), through effective stakeholders engagement, Health, and social policy development, research, and project implementation which includes health promotion, disease prevention and citizens led actions. GCVSI’s core mission lies in making a case for health and social service disparities which are prominent than ever, following increasing inequalities in socio-economic status.


A Committed Goal GCVSI is making significant cases and Advocacy while addressing the growing marginalization and discrimination between high-income and low-income families and different demographic populations. The burden of poor health and social outcomes continues to fall disproportionately on lower-income families and the most vulnerable populations (Older Persons, pregnant women, and children under (Five) 5 years and victims of gender-based violence).

Our Volunteers

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Members support our work, including one-off registration fee payment, which varies according between the developing and developed countries. Dues: Annual membership dues equal to one’s registration category is also a source of funding even though very little is gotten from that source to drive programs and projects. However, dues collection is just a way to validate one’s membership.

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Donator's Reviews

I think GCVSI has grown over the years since I first sent in a donation in 2019 towards the organization’s outreach program for the elderly. I was particularly happy with the level of donor engagement by GCVSI in providing feedback on the program's impact and what my donation was able to achieve. Such a level of transparency and accountability defines an organization’s culture and operational standards. GCVSI is a best-practice nonprofit and I will always happily support their programs whenever I can.
Alison Burgas
Product Designer
Recently I donated to GCVSI and equally signed up as a volunteer. I was surprised when I got an email from GCVSI expressing gratitude for my donation and welcoming me as a volunteer. That email was followed by an analysis of what my little donation has already achieved in one of their programs called Womenomics- supporting disadvantaged women (who as a result of agenda-based violence had given up on life) to bounce back to life with confidence in themselves, and the restoration of dignity. A noble cause indeed. I’m always excited to be a part of GCVSI through the registered volunteer program department which is seamless, engaging, educative, and fun.
Alison Burgas
Product Designer
I’m a member of an independent group providing funds to selected nonprofits annually as a way of giving back to society. Among other activities our group undertakes yearly, we dedicate funds to certain categories of nonprofits to help reach out to people in need of assistance, especially in low-income communities. Our partnership with GCVSI has been fantastic. I also like the fact that GCVSI responds to inquiries or requests promptly, and is always ready to clarify for a better understanding and keeps you informed with timely reports of project partnership progress. On another note, I would advise that GCVSI should step up its social media presence for wider reach so that more partnerships and collaborations from groups and corporate bodies looking out for a transparent nonprofit can easily find GCVSI.
Alison Burgas
Product Designer

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