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Donate & Support GCVSI

Make a Difference Today!

With your contribution, we can do more. With a generous and kind donation of as little as $5 we can help make a difference and positively impact communities in need. Please use our GiVE form to make your donations safely and be proud to support a worthy cause and making a difference. Thank you very much for your assistance!

Some things to note:

There are plenty of benefits to making a donation to our foundation.

  • Donations are tax deductible.
  • 90% of all donations go to support our efforts and services.
  • Donations are accepted online, via mail, phone or fax.

Non-monetary Donations

We also accept Non-monetary donations such as equipment and supplies as well as other vital products that might benefit the communities we serve. Contact us directly to see how you can help support the foundation.

Become a Volunteer

We have a lot of different events, occasions and situations where volunteers are needed. Please visit our volunteer page for opportunities. You will be contacted promptly.

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