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By-Laws & Amendment

  1. Board President
  2. Vice Board President
  3. Board Secretary
  4. Director of Finance
  5. Director of Strategy and Programs
  6. Directors of Research 
  7. Directors
  8. Legal Officer

  1. Shall collaborate with the Executive Board Secretary to summon the bi-annual Executive Board Meetings.
  2. Shall precedes over planned or emergency board meetings.
  3. Promotes organizational progression at the Board levels by enhancing board membership participation and commitments.
  4. Precedes over the Annual General Assembly Meetings.
  5. Promotes conflict resolution within and outside the Executive Board.
  6. May represent the organization during high level advocates with relevant functions concerning governments or International Development Partners.
  7. May be briefed on very special or important activities by the Global Executive Director that needs his attention. 
  8. Shall be committed to the organization like every other Executive Board Member.

Vice Board President:

  1. Shall oversee the affairs of the Executive Board in the absence of the Board President
  2. May perform any other task as delegated by the Executive Board President.
  1. Shall take meanings of Annual General Meetings;
  2. Shall put forward the write-up for the convening of all meetings as approved by the Board President;
  3. Shall equally write letters to designated entities as approved by the Executive Board;
  4. Shall be a signatory to the organization’s accounts;
  5. Shall represent the organization in all advocacy ventures or appoints a delegate.
  6. Shall appoint the election screening committee members;
  7. May represent the organization in external functions as approved by the Board;
  8. May be appointed by the Board President to perform any task.
  9. Must approve all external partnerships to be entered by GCVSI.
  10. Receives all anticipated resolutions from Executive Board Members;
  11. Shall sign all Annual Strategic policy plans or documents;
  12. Shall appoint a Legal Adviser and refer same to the Executive Board for confirmation;
  13. Shall be in custody with the organization seal and all relevant documents;

a.      Shall provide financial advice to the Executive Board;

b.      Shall provide an annual financial report to the Executive Board

c.       Maybe a signatory to the organization’s accounts;

d.      May be appointed by the Board President to perform any task as deemed fit.

e.  Shall liaise with the Board President to file all required taxes;

f.   Shall ensure that the annual financial statement of affairs is developed within schedule;

g.  Shall comply with all directives from financial institutions as the case maybe. 

a)      Shall head GCVSI strategic development plan at the Executive Board level;

b)      Shall do well to advise GCVSI Executive Board on Strategic partnerships;

c)      Maybe a signatory to the organization’s accounts;

d)      May be appointed by the Board Chairman to perform any task as deemed fit;

e.  Shall head most strategic committees;

  1. Heads research and publications;
  2. Heads GCVSI’s consultancy services;
  3. May be a signatory to an account.
  1. Participates in decision making processes;
  2. Votes on all resolutions;
  3. Participates actively in different committees;
  4. Participates in GCVSI professional Consultancy;
  5. Maybe signatory to the organization’s accounts.

a.      Shall Provide Legal advice to the Executive Board;

b.      Shall represent GCVSI in any legal issues that may arise;

c.       May be appointed by the Board Chairman to perform any task as deemed fit.

  1.   If he/she is convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction in any part of the world
  2.  If he/she is declared bankrupt or fails to make payment for his statutory obligations;
  3. If he/she becomes mentally or physically incapacitated;
  4. If he/she can no longer perform or has been found wanting as considered by the rest of the Executive Board Members, his/her sack shall be recommended and must be approved by 2/3 majority of all Executive Board members;
  5. If he/she decides to resign from being an Executive Board Member;


  1. That GCVSI shall maintain a bank account in all countries of legal operation and the Country Representative, a director or any high-ranking member or a Senior Management Committee Member shall be signatories to such as account. The main functions of a country-level account shall be for salary and daily operations.
  1. In the event of a grant project, the Country’s Management Committee Team cannot withdraw more than Ten ($10,000) US dollar equivalent without the approval of the Global Executive Director.
  2. Grants programs must be administered by trained financial experts according to the grant provisions.
  3. The Management Committee Team must ensure accurate financial documentation and reporting to the Global Executive Director.
  4. All receipts and payments must be documented and presented to the Global Executive Director for proper accountability and reporting to the Executive Board.
  5. The Country Representative and his team shall comply with all financial regulations in their countries of operations. 
  6. Annual declaration of all incomes and filing for the annual tax must be complied to strengthen accountability, fiscal responsibility, and transparency.