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About funding.

GCVSI is a not-for-profit organization that secures its funding from different sources.

Membership fees:

Members play a role in supporting our work, including one-off registration fee payment, which varies according to the country.

Dues: Members’ payment of dues once in two years is also a source of funding even though very little is gotten. However, dues collection is just a way to validate membership which is the same amount as registration fees.

Consultancy Services:

These services include conferences, projects, and other research-oriented endeavors.

Capacity-building activities:

The primary source in this area is GCVSI’s training of Civil Society Organizations to promote competencies and best practices.


GCVSI may apply for a call for proposal as much as the call falls within its thematic areas of operations.

Voluntary Donations: 

GCVSI relies much on donations from members of the public and corporates to support its activities.

Financial Request:

GCVSI may solicit financial support from individuals, corporate bodies, and international development partners to support our programs.

Carts/Online Store:

GCVSI, from time to time, sells branded GCVSI items, including T-shirts, Sweaters, etc., to raise funds for its programs.


GCVSI may receive funding from partners during collaboratory ventures. GCVSI has a standard partnership procedure; see GCVSI Services: Partnerships for more details.

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