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Access to Universal Health Coverage

In a bold stride towards equitable healthcare, GCVSI has pioneered community geriatric centres, becoming lifelines for clinically aged individuals who grapple with the daunting cost of medication. These centres not only bridge the financial gap but stand as stalwarts, defending the fundamental right to life for elderly members of underserved communities.

As GCVSI forges ahead, a new frontier emerges—the development of cutting-edge software designed to meticulously record and monitor the health and medication regimens of older individuals during their visits. This innovative approach transcends the limitations of current data availability, where a mere 25% of countries possess comparable population survey data on older age groups.

In this era of transformative healthcare, GCVSI’s vision extends beyond immediate relief, aiming to empower ageing populations with a comprehensive, technology-driven approach. These community geriatric centres and advanced software solutions herald a future where every individual’s journey through ageing is not just supported but meticulously tracked for personalized and effective care.