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Gold Membership

This GCVSI membership-level is ideal for those who would like to participate fully in our organization with a mutually beneficial relationship.

Gold Membership Benefits

● Be part of a global network of people with common goals, which facilitates the exchange of ideas, information, and experience on improving international living standards.

● May benefit from GCVSI financial aid in case of pressing and critical medical conditions requiring a considerable amount (applicable to members living in developing countries of the world).

● A chance to influence healthcare services in various communities around the World.

● Facilitate and participate in GCVSI Consultancy Services with the required expertise.

● Free participation in all GCVSI Exhibitions and Conferences.

● Participate in GCVSl’s activities through the General Assembly.

Free access to the monthly newsletter in Global Health, especially on Aging and other areas of priority. Receive discounts on purchases from our online shop and other professional services as required, including leasing GCVSI items.

Be opportune to join GCVSI delegation to all UN-led processes requiring civil society organizations, including all activities of GCVSI partners globally. Participate in GCVSI projects (when available) in areas of interest or qualification. Stimulate your professional life through invigorating contact with like-minded health and social inclusion experts throughout the world.

Welcome to our membership, remember you are golden