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Volunteer at GCVSI

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How to volunteer.

Please register by filling out our Volunteer Services Request Form.

  1. You can fill out and submit the online form here (by the right), or download the pdf form below, fill out and email it to us, or mail it to the address below.
  2. All applicants will be subjected to a criminal record check, and all references will be duly checked.
  3. Any candidate selected after analyzing their application will have to pass an oral interview before a decision is made.
  4. All successful applicants will be required to participate in an orientation/training.

Address: 14501 Empanada Dr., #1801
Address: Houston, TX 77083 

Volunteer Registration Form:  View/Download

Volunteer Registration PDF Form

    Personal Information
    Are you in School?

    Please provide 2 references other than family

    Reference #1
    Reference #2
    Volunteer Work Interest

    Please tell us what type of volunteer work you are interested in

    COVID-19 Screening Questions

    If you are interested in volunteering at the COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic, please complete the following section

    Volunteer Availability
    Can you be a short-term replacement?
    Are you available for a minimum of 2 months?

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