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About Us


Growing up as a child, l had a detestable and trying experience. As l began recognizing and understanding my environment, l realized that my parents were very old; my father was seventy when l was just seven years. A peasant farmer who barely caters for his family and a handful of children with no thoughts towards post-primary education. Multi-dimensional and excruciating poverty galvanized by illiteracy, incapability, and lack of socio-economic empowerment at that time in an impoverished rural community in Africa.

About Us

Our History

An experience they say is the best teacher. An account of a childhood experience could push tears down any person's eyes—the fuel behind the wheels pushing for a better and inclusive life for all. As l began recognizing and understanding the environment, it became clear that one of my parents (father) was an Older Person. He was 70 when l was just seven (7) years. A peasant farmer feeds from hand to mouth with a handful of children to carter for with no thoughts towards post-primary education. He accepted the reality of multi-dimensional and devasting poverty galvanized by no education, incapability, and lack of socio-economic empowerment. At that time in an impoverished rural community in Africa. He made a gross mistake in not choosing a pathway to healthcare services partly due to the lack of or inadequate community healthcare services and socio-economic challenges.

He made a gross fundamental mistake in not choosing a pathway to healthcare service; hence he employed the services of a traditional herbalist (homeopathic Doctor) in treating his eye condition (Cataract) due to inaccessibility to health information enhanced by lack of community resources further worsen his disease to deteriorating glaucoma and eventual blindness before his death. I saw my old father pass through devastating pain and outright societal neglect because he was poor. Hence, the lack of community resources, social security, and social protection systems for the aging population. It was like placing a whole population age group in hell while still on earth.

I decided to change the narrative by tasking my good conscience to develop a passion for Older Persons, especially the very poor, discriminated against, and marginalized, while translating my dream into a vision. Then mobilize men and women of goodwill who share in my ideology to begin a highly philanthropic and impactful Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization to drive my vision into action.

Thus, with a pragmatic and articulated mission of addressing healthcare service disparities amongst the underserved and vulnerable populations; enhancing social determinants of health through public health policy advocacy and increased financial commitments by governments; promoting community actions to improve health and social service outcomes; plus socio-economic empowerment and capacity building so that people can live and enjoy long and happy lives.

Amb. Dr. George Andreas Adikibe-Nana. DFHS, FAISM. 

About Us

GCVSI Mission

The Mission of GCVSI is to take research-based health information, healthcare services, and socio-economic support programs to the doorsteps of the aging and vulnerable population (pregnant women, children under five, and victims of gender-based violence in communities amongst low-income families. As well as research aimed at redirecting government policies towards forgotten and abandoned existing realities while improving positive health-seeking behaviors of the underserved, utilizing the principle of Population Health Service (PHS) and Implementation Science in restoring social justice and strengthening the human rights of all.

GCVSI Vision

To envisage a society of equal rights for all age groups. Hence, promote the eradication of all forms of marginalization and discrimination against Older Persons and the Vulnerable population (pregnant women, children under five years, and victims of gender-based violence) through multi-level stakeholders’ engagements, multi-sectoral and interdisciplinary integration of policy frameworks, health promotion, capacity building training for the workforce, project implementation and coordinated advocacy geared towards changing the narratives.

About Us

Our Values

Values critical to the achievement of our vision include: 

  • Respect – for the human rights and dignity of all people, including cultural identity while promoting cultural diversity and environment where we carry out our operations;
  • Inclusion and involvement of people in making the decisions that shape their lives and the impact upon their health and wellbeing and socio-economic status;
  • Equity in health, socio-economic outcomes for all persons;
  • Accountability, Responsibility, and transparency in all organizational and community engagements while making annual reports to regulatory agencies;
  • Promoting the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Enhancing World Health Organization’s values of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) through the promotion of social determinants of health;
  • Social justice for all people;
  • Compassion and empowerment.

GCVSI maintains a set of strategic frameworks that set out the goals and objectives and the means to achieve them in pursuit of our vision and mission. Modification of the Constitution as approved by GCVSI board in October 2016 – Article 3A.

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