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Our Values

Our Values

Values critical to the achievement of our vision include: 

  • Respect – for the human rights and dignity of all people, including cultural identity while promoting cultural diversity and environment where we carry out our operations;
  • Inclusion and involvement of people in making the decisions that shape their lives and the impact upon their health and wellbeing and socio-economic status;
  • Equity in health, socio-economic outcomes for all persons;
  • Accountability, Responsibility, and transparency in all organizational and community engagements while making annual reports to regulatory agencies;
  • Promoting the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Enhancing World Health Organization’s values of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) through the promotion of social determinants of health;
  • Social justice for all people.
  • Compassion and empowerment.

In pursuit of our vision and mission, the GCVSI maintains a set of strategic documents that set out the goals and objectives and the means to achieve them. Modification of the Constitution-Approved by GCVSI in October 2016 – Article 3A.

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