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About Us


GCVSI aims to achieve the following goals:

  • More significant equity in the health and social Inclusion of all age groups in a given population.
  • Effective collaboration and partnerships to produce optimal and equitable health and social outcomes.
  • We are improving access, evidence-based knowledge, and practical experience in health and social Inclusion of the underserved population through health promotion, disease prevention, and direct provision of healthcare services, including medications.
  • Excellence in policy and practice for effective, quality health and social inclusion programs.
  • High-capacity levels in individuals, organizations and policymakers to undertake and develop health and social inclusion activities. 
GCVSI’s core mission lies in taking researched-based health information healthcare services and making socio-economic the case for equitable promotion, development, and implementation of an effective health and socio-economic policies. Our focus is to provide, influence, and facilitate health promotion knowledge, disease prevention strategies, and project implementation. Advocacy is one of the central strategies of GCVSI to accomplish its mission by influencing communities, governments, and the larger society to act.
About Us

Our Objectives

To achieve its goals, GCVSI will pursue the following objectives:

  • Influence increased investments in health and social policies by governments, inter-governmental and international development partners, and other relevant stakeholders;
  • Support governments in developing health and social policies and practices that result in more significant equity in health and social outcomes among beneficiaries;
  • Improvements in policy and practice of organizations and sectors that influence the determinants of health and social outcomes of populations;
  • Strong alliances and partnerships among all sectors based on agreed ethical principles, mutual understanding, and respect;
  • Activities that contribute to the development, translation, and exchange of knowledge and practice that advance the field of health and socio-economic enhancements of people;
  • The wide dissemination of knowledge to health and social practitioners as well as policymakers, government officials, and other key individuals and organizations;
  • A strong and universally accessible knowledge base for effective and quality health promotion using implementation science;
  • Improved mechanisms for the exchange of ideas, experience, and knowledge that promote health and socio-economic wellbeing;
  • Support national, regional, and global efforts in closing the gaps in critical developmental issues, which will enhance greater collaboration; and
  • Capacity-building opportunities for individuals and institutions to better carry out health promotion and project intervention initiatives and advocacy efforts.
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