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Governance Structure

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Governace Structures

General Assembly

General Assembly is the highest decision-making body of GCVSI, consisting of all registered members and the Executive Board members. The Executive Board Members comprises of Board of Trustees and Members of the Advisory Council. The General Assembly is invested with all powers necessary to further GCVSI aims which she administers through the Executive Board members and management staff in general.

Roles of General Assembly

  • Receives reports on the activities, membership, finances, and any other significant business of the GCVSI;
  • Approves amendments to the Constitution;
  • Engages in the works of GCVSI both locally, regionally, and globally through participation and Interest inboard activities, annual general meetings, networking, or any other planned activities.
Governace Structures

Executive Board

The Executive Director and the management team administer GCVSI on behalf of the Executive Board and report back to the board bi-annually or as the case may be. The General Assembly does in particular:

  • Confirms the positions of the Board Chairman and Secretary at its 2016 Annual General Meeting, which empowered the Executive Board to take decisions on its behalf and reports back to it;
  • The 2018 Executive Board meeting was held following the presence of up to 2/3 of the entire Executive Board Members; The roles and responsibilities of the Board Chairman and Secretary maybe for life except otherwise, they fall short of the requirements as are laid down in Article 4C section (A) of the 2016 constitution;
  • The Executive Board approves the annual strategic plan, including budgetary approvals. Meanwhile, the Executive Director and management team initiate, develop and implement work programs for the organization and forward same to the Executive Board for approval;
  • The Executive Board reviews and sends to the General Assembly for approval and dissemination of position statements which clarify and promote the policies of GCVSI;
  • It reviews and approves an integrated Implementation Work Plan;
  • It considers and approves annual accounts, provisional budgets, financial proposals, and financial reports on past and future activities. It supports and appoints the members of the management team, receives reports on programs and staff governance, as well as on risk management from the Executive Director;
  • It reviews all Byelaws and forwards them to the Annual General Meeting for approval and amendment as laid down in Article 10, and onward transmission to the Corporate Affairs Commission for final Approval;
  • It votes on urgent measures as forwarded by the management team;
  • It is empowered to terminate the membership of any member who brings the GCVSI into disrepute.
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