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  1. Resolutions on a position

    A resolution on a position presents a stance on a decision regarding GCVSI or policy and provides the necessary background information and data on the issue. Upon its acceptance, the resolution becomes an official document for GCVSI’s administrative purposes. A resolution on a position serves as the foundation and rationale for GCVSI’s policy development activities and therefore reflects the broader strategic interests of the organization. Suppose action is required due to concerns presented in the position paper. In that case, this action may either be outlined in a formal resolution for support or action (see below) or maybe brought up through the accepted channel for advocacy activities outlined in Article.

  2. Resolution for Support or Action

    This resolution calls for specific action or steps to be taken (or given) on as an issue. The resolution paper should present the issue in an informative way, such as “Acknowledging…, Recognizing…, Noting…” before starting the points for action. It should be relevant and affirmative with the proposed action. It should identify a lead person to work on proposed resolution follow-up when the resolution is adopted by the Board and members of the Advisory Council in collaboration with the Executive Director and management team. This is to fast-track resolutions in need of an emergency approach.

  3. Guidelines for submission

    Any Executive Board member or registered member can submit a resolution in writing, in English language, to be considered. In addition, a resolution needs the support in the voting of at least 2/3 majority of members or accredited representatives present in the seating or with knowledge of the resolution being proposed.

    A call for resolutions along with the procedures is circulated at least one week before the annual general or extraordinary meeting.

    Submissions must clearly state which one of the two categories of resolutions it falls under. Once the submission of the proposed resolution has been confirmed, it will be posted on the GCVSI’s social media platform to allow for more in-depth debate and discussion. Early submission will also allow for increased involvement and input from members who would not be attending the meeting.

    A Resolution Committee, chaired by the Board Chairman, will consider all resolutions submitted, endorse them, and present them for debate and voting at the meeting floor. The general assembly might reject proposed resolutions that are not consistent with the goals, objectives, and strategies of GCVSI; or do not involve an action that needs to be taken, which are not relevant or have been presented before at an Annual General Meeting of the organization.

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