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Communication & Marketing

GCVSI prioritizes communication in its activities. As a well-trusted brand and household name in addressing social determinants of health and improving health and social services equality, especially among the vulnerable groups and underserved communities, the society turns to approach our various communication platforms in search of credible information concerning critical public health and social inclusion services. GCVSI has a trained professional communicator who communicates organizational policies and strategies to the public, taking into cognizance the principles and qualities of effective communication.

As a partner with the United Nations (UN), GCVSI uses its communication strategies and outlets to propel and disseminates consensus and agrees with international binding agreements and treaties to local community members to stimulate citizen-led actions in public health and social policies as well as transparency, governance, accountability, and responsibility. GCVSI equally markets branded T-shirts, sweaters, and other items to generate income and provide warm clothing for our vulnerable population during cold weather.

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